I really need a vacation, I want to go to New Hampshire, Vermont, and Las Vegas! but I didn’t know soon I was going on vacation in the most unexpected way.   

  I was going to the town to buy some maple syrup and sugar for doughnuts at Auntie Lem’s. As I got there and was purchasing my items I saw a pair of cute floppy old dog slippers I added that and paid for it. ” Have a nice day,” said Auntie Lem cheerfully.

” Thanks ” I replied, I went to the park to try them on, the moment I tried them on they sprang to life! It started running to the lake but as soon as the wacky shoes saw it they went the other way! As I was running, a middle aged lady said, ” I had a pair of wacky shoes they were blue and red checkered…” but I was too far away to hear. With this pair of wacky shoes took me to New Hampshire, Vermont, and Las Vegas! When they came back I was super scared and tired.

  They took me up to a lake and tried to get down when they saw the lake. I knew what I had to do an impossible idea, so I jumped and the shoes went still I swam to shore and  I kicked the pair of wacky shoes off, and wathched them sink to the bottom. Great I thought now I can get home.

  I went home tired and soaked to make a scrap book of my vacation.

   Years Later, a young girl went swimming and found a pair of old soaked floppy dog slippers…


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