“Jonathan, honey you seem quiet are you okay? Should I check your temperature?” asked my Mom.

“No Mom I’m fine” I managed to answer but my words were carried away by the roaring winds of California bay, my Dad glanced at me from the rearview mirror and said cheerfully, “He’s fine dear,” I nodded in agreement. We drove along the bay down the steep gravel path to the most beautiful beach I had ever seen, “Wow” I murmured in awe, for the sand was as white as snow and the ocean was a brilliant blue the most vibrant and the breeze carried the salty scent of the ocean. As dad started driving down the path to grandma hope’s house I thought, maybe this trip will be relaxed and fun  I can’t wait to get started!  But boy was I wrong.

Ding-dong we were at Grandma Hope’s petite little beach house. I examined the house, it was sky blue and had flower boxes under the windows, she had an abundant garden, a pool, and a rocky path down to the beach.  I couldn’t wait for the actual summer to begin! Grandma Hope answered the door she had brown curly short hair and warm dark brown eyes that made me feel like I was special, “Come in, come in!” she chirped “ I’m so glad to meet your son Jonathan,” she glanced at me and gave me a ferocious bear hug, any uncertainty about her was immediately washed away and I felt at home. While the grownups talked I went up to my room and opened the door, and came into the coolest room ever! I quickly unpacked changed and fell asleep in the bed.

The next morning I woke up by the song of birds, I got got dressed greeted Grandma Hope was a kiss, ate and helped with gardening, later she told me to change into my swimsuit, I did as she asked then hopped into the car which she drove, all the way to the pool, I started freaking out my hands got all clammy and sweaty,  we were at the pool, no it can’t be, but yes right in front of me was a sign that confirmed my worst nightmare. I put on my brave face for Grandma and walked to the pool with her. Grandma looked at me after 10 mins passed and I still wasn’t swimming, she asked, “ Johnny why aren’t you swimming?”

“ I have a stomach cramp from er… breakfast!” I lied

“Okay” she replied. 10 mins passed and she fell asleep, apparently there was no lifeguard and all the parents were going to a club, this can’t be good I thought and I was right. 20 mins later  I spotted a little kid who entered the deep end and seemed to be drowning, I had to do something, my chest shook, I started sweating, with all my willpower I walked to the diving board and dived in, the cold water shocked me. I kicked and propelled my arms till I was swimming,I spotted a kickboard grabbed it and swam to the little kid, who seemed no older than three, I pulled him up and placed him on the kick board I  then grabbed it and kicked to safety. Apparently the parents saw what happened and one grabbed her baby off the kick board and showered him in kisses, she turned to me and expressed her gratitude but I didn’t hear I was lost in a memory… I  remembered when my best friend Bill drowned and….

That night Grandma came to my room we talked about my saving the kid, and about

Bill she told me to let out all off my emotions and I did I cried and cried till I fell asleep but before I lost conscious I said to Grandma Hope “Let’s go to the beach…”

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