Crash, Roar! Went the waves and the sky, lighting lashed out at the waves, taunting the ocean to do something. I felt the ocean brewing up a wave I had to get to my parents, when the ocean threw the wave at me laughing at my helplessness. I got tossed around by the waves unable to do anything. I was about to land in the water when a net captured me, I wriggled around trying to get out but I got more tangled in the net that I fell into the deep abyss of the ocean.

Ouch, I woke up with a start a crab was pinching my cheek “ow” I grunted again shaking off the crab. Then reality hit me I got lost in a storm my parents, I can’t find them. As I was thrashing around two human kids came running towards the beach. Humans are dangerous said my mother remember what happened to your Grandpa… she warned in a dream, too late the kids were upon me chatting away reminding me of the seagulls. Then the boy ran off towards a cabin and returned with bigger humans, all the while gesturing at me. The man knelt down and and took off the net and nudged me towards the water! But I didn’t move I need to find my parents. So hours later they came back with a box with a sardine which I gobbled up. They loaded me into the box and carried me into the boat, we were in the bay the wind roared and the ocean sprayed me with it’s salt water. Then I saw my parents time slowed, and I leaped off the boat and into their flippers!

Later that day I was leading my parents to the cabin while explaining my adventure, I saw the family who helped me, they were waving. So we jumped saluted and disappeared into the foamy water.

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