By Margaret Wild and Ron Wilds Edited by Chloe Ryu

Crunch, says the leaves when they pass under Magpie’s foot. It was almost  dark and Magpie was no where near home. She shivered when an icy blast of wind struck her. Oh how she missed Dog, than she remembered Fox’s haunted eyes. His coat flickering like a put out fire. The rage and envy in his eyes, Magpie shivered again. As night slowly took over, owls hooted and things scurried to and fro, always out of Magpies reach. Soon, Magpie found a cave where she immediately fell asleep. She awoke to the friendly chirping of nearby birds. Than she heard a gentle voice calling her name, it was coming closer and closer. Wait, thought Magpie. I recognize that voice. It sounds like . . . “ DOG”, she shrieked. Then a familiar figure burst through the cave and Dog spoke “ I’m here to take you home”. So, Magpie hopped on his back and they galloped all the way home.


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