An anonymous person once said, “True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves found everywhere.” In the book, Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks, is a story about friendship, betrayal, and loyalty. In this case, Magpie has a great relationship with Dog but when Fox comes along, Magpie struggles with what she truly wants. Some people may think Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks is about a Magpie getting tricked by a Fox but it’s really about being loyal to your true friend.

To begin with, the story Fox is about being loyal to your true friends. Near the beginning, Dog who is very caring and thoughtful, finds Magpie and tries to tend to her burnt wing. But Magpie was very reluctant and sad because she couldn’t fly anymore. So now Dog takes Magpie on his back and they gallop together every day, this is a beginning of an unlikely friendship. This is how Dog stays a true friend to Magpie, by always being with her. For example on page 7 paragraph 1, the text says , “And so Dog runs, with Magpie on his back, every day, through summer, through winter.” This shows that Dog stayed loyal to Magpie as her true friend.   

Next, Fox is about being loyal to your true friend. In the middle of the story, page 2 paragraph 3 the text says, “I am his missing eye and he is my wings.” This is when Magpie was telling Fox that she would never leave Dog’s side when Fox was tempting her to leave Dog. Secondly Fox tries asking Magpie to come with him because he is better than Dog. For example page 2 paragraph 2 the text says ,“That night when Dog was asleep, Fox whispers to Magpie, “‘I can run faster than Dog.’ Faster than the wind. Leave Dog and come with me.” This makes me think that Magpie was being loyal to Dog by refusing to leave Dog.

Finally, in the story Fox, it’s about being loyal to your true friend. Near the end, when Fox persuades Magpie to come with him and Magpie finally agrees. For example on page 2 paragraph 7 the text says, “And when at dawn Fox whispers to the third time, she whispers back, “I am ready.”  This makes me think that Magpie was longing to fly again and the only way to do that was to go with Fox. So Magpie hopped on Fox’s back and Magpie rejoiced because she felt like she was flying again but I wonder was Magpie happy? And so Magpie and Fox rode on and came to a stop at the desert and then Fox abandons her! That’s when Magpie realizes what she’s done, but when Magpie thinks of Dog she start’s the long journey home. For example, page 2 paragraph 13 the text says, “But then she thought of Dog waking to find her gone.” Magpie finds courage and strength in Dog her one and only true friend.


To sum up, Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks is about a jealous Fox, a loyal Dog, and a tempted Magpie, who all want one thing, friendship. This story has allowed me to appreciate my true friends and to never let them go. I hope you will find your true friend or if you have one, never let them go.

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