“ What if we get attacked ?” I asked nervously I mean come on, we were walking to the farm entrance not knowing if it was open and if something was going to attack us hint hint. “ Are scared “ teased my brother sarcastically interrupting  my thoughts   I yelled at him “ I AM NOT”  than we continued to walk up the path leading up to the conch farm, dust rising from the occansinal kick kick from our heels while the sun glared down at us than we saw it ….

A cloud of dust rose up and loud ear piercing barking reached our ears. Before long huge dogs emergered from the cloud of dust “AHHHH AHHHH we are going to die” I shrieked “RUN” my brother said yelling his head off and we ran I was running so fast that everything was a blur and my flip flop fell off. My Dad was  in the back trying to scare them off it didn’t work so he stopped. When we reached the entrance the sound of barking grew faint. I turned around the dogs were gone I retreived my flip flop. The clouds of dust floated back down to the ground, the recent event left no trace on the earth as if it didn’t even happen

Silence as we walked down the path far away from the conch farm. The memory burning in my mind replaying over and over again. Finally I broke the silence “You are not going to pick where we go next” I said and we laughed in the end the event seemed scary at the time but now when I look back it seemed funny!😅

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