“Jonathan, honey you seem quiet are you okay? Should I check your temperature?” asked my Mom.

“No Mom I’m fine” I managed to answer but my words were carried away by the roaring winds of California bay, my Dad glanced at me from the rearview mirror and said cheerfully, “He’s fine dear,” I nodded in agreement. We drove along the bay down the steep gravel path to the most beautiful beach I had ever seen, “Wow” I murmured in awe, for the sand was as white as snow and the ocean was a brilliant blue the most vibrant and the breeze carried the salty scent of the ocean. As dad started driving down the path to grandma hope’s house I thought, maybe this trip will be relaxed and fun  I can’t wait to get started!  But boy was I wrong.

Ding-dong we were at Grandma Hope’s petite little beach house. I examined the house, it was sky blue and had flower boxes under the windows, she had an abundant garden, a pool, and a rocky path down to the beach.  I couldn’t wait for the actual summer to begin! Grandma Hope answered the door she had brown curly short hair and warm dark brown eyes that made me feel like I was special, “Come in, come in!” she chirped “ I’m so glad to meet your son Jonathan,” she glanced at me and gave me a ferocious bear hug, any uncertainty about her was immediately washed away and I felt at home. While the grownups talked I went up to my room and opened the door, and came into the coolest room ever! I quickly unpacked changed and fell asleep in the bed.

The next morning I woke up by the song of birds, I got got dressed greeted Grandma Hope was a kiss, ate and helped with gardening, later she told me to change into my swimsuit, I did as she asked then hopped into the car which she drove, all the way to the pool, I started freaking out my hands got all clammy and sweaty,  we were at the pool, no it can’t be, but yes right in front of me was a sign that confirmed my worst nightmare. I put on my brave face for Grandma and walked to the pool with her. Grandma looked at me after 10 mins passed and I still wasn’t swimming, she asked, “ Johnny why aren’t you swimming?”

“ I have a stomach cramp from er… breakfast!” I lied

“Okay” she replied. 10 mins passed and she fell asleep, apparently there was no lifeguard and all the parents were going to a club, this can’t be good I thought and I was right. 20 mins later  I spotted a little kid who entered the deep end and seemed to be drowning, I had to do something, my chest shook, I started sweating, with all my willpower I walked to the diving board and dived in, the cold water shocked me. I kicked and propelled my arms till I was swimming,I spotted a kickboard grabbed it and swam to the little kid, who seemed no older than three, I pulled him up and placed him on the kick board I  then grabbed it and kicked to safety. Apparently the parents saw what happened and one grabbed her baby off the kick board and showered him in kisses, she turned to me and expressed her gratitude but I didn’t hear I was lost in a memory… I  remembered when my best friend Bill drowned and….

That night Grandma came to my room we talked about my saving the kid, and about

Bill she told me to let out all off my emotions and I did I cried and cried till I fell asleep but before I lost conscious I said to Grandma Hope “Let’s go to the beach…”


“ Skylarette Logan come down here please,” implored their mom gently. Skylarette and Logan skimmed down the stairway and into their new living room. Just yesterday Skylarette and her twin Logan, their twin toddler brothers Andrew and Peter, Chrystalle the one month old baby, Mckenna who was in highschool, Jordan [whom was adopted] also went to middle school, a cat Charlie and a dog Hero, and of course good’ ol Mom and Dad all moved  from 530 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach Florida to 903 Crystal Mountain Dr Austin Texas  they moved to the most wondrous house but some changes are not always good. Their mother beckoned them to sit next to her then continued “ I’ve got good news for you guys,” she started then got interrupted by Skylarette “ We’re going to Grandma’s house early, with Alexis! “ Skylarette asked eagerly.

“No, even better but since daddy and I both got jobs I can’t homeschool you so I enrolled you for public school at Brookfield !” her mother said proudly. Skylarette was stunned for a split second then seemed unfazed, and walked back upstairs to continue playing with Hero. “ Logan, honey are you okay, you seem really pale!” his mom murmured.

“ Mom I don’t want to go please and don’t tell me it starts tomorrow,” Logan groaned.

“ Logan you have to go to school please don’t make it hard for me and yes school starts tomorrow.” she said. The next morning in the school Skylarette and Logan perched on a bench looking at their schedules  during the “rush hour”. Suddenly Logan exclaimed “ Skylarette those must be the popular kids!” he pointed at a group of kids who looked like they owned the school.

“Oh pish posh there are no popular kids they are probably stuck up rich kids who think they own the school” Skylarette replied hotly, but just then she saw the “popular kids” pointing and looking at Skylarette uh oh Logan thought Skylarette has a mean temper she is now in Sky mode, this is bad. And to Logan’s horror and dismay Skylarette marched right over them and started ranting at them while she was yelling she thought what would Alexis do in this situation? She focused again on her yelling she was talking to a girl with brown hair and blond highlights she was saying, “ What do you think you’re doing talking to the great Skylarette  Jackson behind her back shame on you!” then she abruptly stalked back to Logan. To Logan the day was agonizingly slow. At the end of the day Logan thought one day done. A few weeks after the incident Logan was making his way up the school steps he stopped. For blocking his path was the leader of the boys group of “ popular kids” his name was Bruce Lee. “ Hello,” Logan stammered tripping over his words as he said “ nice to meet yyou,” he stopped and gazed up at Bruce. Finally at what seemed like eternity Bruce declared “ I’ve been watching you” he paused and let Logan gulp nervously then continued  “ And you have potential so welcome to the club!” then he stalked away, leaving Logan gaping. It took some time for Logan to process the information, but boy was he happy! Later at his locker

Logan received  a note to meet at the basketball court Logan was practically on cloud nine. After school as Logan was walking up the pavement he caught the word Skylarette he decided to eavesdrop on the conversation, he learned that everyone that that Skylarette was a nut and they would never let Logan in unless Skylarette made it to the girls group! Uh oh Logan thought. The next day Skylarette was so lost in thought that she bumped into a girl. “ I’m so sorry! Here let me help you,” Skylarette exclaimed helping the girl pick up the her textbooks. “ Oh it’s fine,” the girl replied breezily, “ by the way my name’s Ivy but everyone calls me Alessandra but you can call me Alex for short” Alex said


“ Well my name’s Skylarette but you can call me by my my middle name Willow” Skylarette giggled. That day the girls were inseparably, they talked, they giggled and they sat at the same table. After school Alex asked “ Wanna go to the beach “ Skylarette’s smile was so big big it looked like her face was going to crack, “ sure”

Skylarette laughed. Together they skipped down the beach and were themselves, while they were talking Skylarette asked “ What do you want to call Tiff and Bruce?”

“ Let’s call them the Siblings of Terror!” Alex suggested “ but separately the mistress or mister of terror” Alex smirked.

“ The siblings of terror here we come!” Skylarette laughed maniacally.

Skylarette remembered she was doing this for Logan she sighed and looked up at the blue sky. She looked at Mckenna she seemed so excited Skylarette sighed again this time looking at the ground, ignoring Mckenna as she was rambling on “ Oh we have to buy those flowers for…” Skylarette groaned. By the end of the day Skylarette was so torn apart. She loved Logan and wanted to make him happy but she hated doing this and she would never get to see Ivy I mean Alessandra I mean Alex Uh ! I can’t even remember her name properly I wish I never had to do this.  The next morning as Skylarette was walking to her homeroom she was stopped by Tiffany [or mistress of terror]. “ New girl?” she asked in a snobby [but congested kind of voice, at least that’s what Skylarette thought] voice,

“ What do you think?” Skylarette copied in the same kind of voice [except without sounding congested].

“ You’re very lucky because you get to join my group!” The mistress of terror  announced proudly Skylarette nodded [but was distracted by the booger dangling from Tiffany’s nose]. “ By the way what’s your name” Tiffany asked.

“ Skylarette” Skylarette answered proudly leaving a very confused Tiffany behind, as Skylarette  headed into the school she thought the tables are now turned.

“ Isn’t that so funny? “ The mistress of terror asked giggling while all the other girls were cracking up. Skylarette laughed but felt a queasy from all the fake laughter. They were at the mistress of terror’s annual meeting, where the mistress of terror would endlessly talk and all the other girls would agree about what she was saying, if you asked Skylarette this meeting was completely unnecessary, it was boring, annoying, and time consuming. But know one asked her. All the girls in the mistress of terror  group were in Tiffany’s room seated at a table eating sugar cookies and drinking peppermint tea. Tiiffany is horrible I’m wasting valuable time to play with Alex!  Skylarette thought  but was interrupted by Tiffany when she exclaimed “ Do all of you know Ivy, well she is so not cool why don’t we play a prank on her?” Tiffany asked slyly. Meanwhile Bruce was saying evilly, “ Why don’t we play a prank on Shane he so deserves it.”

Logan was racing into the school don’t let him catch me please, please God don’t let Bruce catch me! As he ran down the hallway a boy with jet black hair and wide brown eyes herded him into his locker and slammed the door, just after Bruce appeared “ Where’d he go,” Bruce demanded to the nearest boy, the boy pointed down the long stretch hallway Bruce started running.  As soon as the coast was clear the boy let Logan out and asked him what happened so Logan began, “ Well Bruce wanted me to do something to this guy named Shane, I didn’t like his plan  so I ripped his papers, his plan was nasty and I hated it as much as I hate the sentence back to school not saying that, um if you like school it was just like um… I like summer!” “ and um my name is…” Logan’s voice trailed off for this boy was looking at him strangely “What?”

“ My name is Shane” he exclaimed.

“ Hi Alexis want to come over you probably don’t after this week,” Skylarette was interrupted by a loud shriek that Skylarette guessed was a yes, “ Okay meet me in the yard,” Skylarette finished. Later in the yard there was a lot of tension I don’t know if we’ll ever be friends again but later as they sat there hard feelings and tension washed away like they never existed.

“ Okay ready? “ Logan asked through the walkie talkie to Skylarette

“ Ready,” Skylarette confirmed. As Tiffany and Bruce approached a kid who was likely their next target, Alex and Shane were nowhere to be seen. Skylarette knew instantly disaster was going to strike , where are Alex and Shane she thought anxiously, meanwhile Tiffany and Brice’s shoe got entwined together, out of the corner of her Skylarette’s eyes she saw Alex and Shane emerge from the hallway. She focused once more on Tiffany and Bruce they were wobbling, twisting, and dancing before falling right in Skylarette’s path, forcing her head against the button that dispensed water all over Tiffany and Bruce Skylarette felt excruciating pain before blacking out. “ What happened?” Skylarette cried she was in the hospital.

“You blacked out! We called 9-1-1 to come, are you okay?!” Alex nearly screamed. “ I’m fine but you’re probably not,” Skarlette laughed. Later Skylarette went to go check on Tiffany and Bruce and found out they were bullying again, Skylarette couldn’t take it anymore she yelled, “ Stop for once will you! You nasty little bullying good for nothing little…” Alex tapped her shoulder she realized that people were looking at her like she was crazy. “ Anyway stop Stop STOP!” Skylarette yelled, people gathered and took up the chant “Stop” they shrieked Tiffany and Bruce backed down and went away. That night Skylarette thought to herself I’m glad to be myself  little did she know Logan said the same thing.



“ Alex I missed you you won’t believe what happened at my school there was a bully named Tiffany and Bruce” Skylarette began before getting interrupted by Alexis as she said “ there was once a bully named Monster Socks” Skylarette burst out in giggles.