One of the themes in Shadows On The Sea is always have courage. When Jill finds a carrier pigeon with a German word sonnabend, she doesn’t  know what the word sonnabend means, but she knows one thing she is now in grave danger. Jill could be no part of this message or she could risk her life for her country.  For example, on page 90, the text says, “The bird wriggled and fluttered as Jill pulled the canister latches with her thumbnail and popped open the minuscule container. A tiny slip of paper was rolled up inside. Jill pulled it out out and opened it carefully. Scribbled in ink were the words sonnabend iv.” Finally when Jill followed whom she assumed were German sympathizers , to find out what they were doing puts Jill  in danger but she still managed to have courage. For example, on page 203, the text says, “They flashed their lights on and off. Were they signaling someone?Who? Jill couldn’t see any boats nearby. Suddenly the water in the cove became turbulent and the surface of the sea ripped apart. A dark shape rose across the depths. Breakers Lifted and crested around it,as if some monstrous sea creature had been aroused from sleep. A German submarine! On it’s side was a number:U-1,230.” As you can see, this is why I think the theme is to have courage.

Jill is a complex character. Here are some of her traits: inquisitive, positive, and caring. Jill is inquisitive, because she was curious about the injured pigeon and wondered what to do with it. For example, on page 91, the text says, “Jill rolled the scrap of paper, stuffed it back into the cylinder, then tucked it in her pocket. What do the words sonnabend iv mean? She wondered. Why had the bird come here?” This proves that Jill is inquisitive. Jill is also positive. Later in the book Jill’s mother called Jill from overseas and told her she was going to go back home and Jill was worried about crossing the nazi infested waters. However she remained on the bright side and stayed positive. She hoped that her mother’s ship would not be targeted because it was a merchant ship. Lastly, Jill is caring, because she rescued the pigeon from being killed by Sarge the cat. For example, on page 89, the text says, “‘Sarge was sprawled on the floor of the porch. In his clutch was a shivering bundle of brown and white feathers. Jill ran out ‘Shoo bad cat!’ she yelled. ‘Let go of that bird!’” Another example was on page 186, the text says, “‘I feel terrible about what the Crystals did. I- I want Wendy to know that.” This shows that Jill is caring because Jill cares about Wendy and feels bad about how the Crystals treated Wendy.

Therefore, as you can see Jill is a complex character.