“ What if we get attacked ?” I asked nervously I mean come on, we were walking to the farm entrance not knowing if it was open and if something was going to attack us hint hint. “ Are scared “ teased my brother sarcastically interrupting  my thoughts   I yelled at him “ I AM NOT”  than we continued to walk up the path leading up to the conch farm, dust rising from the occansinal kick kick from our heels while the sun glared down at us than we saw it ….

A cloud of dust rose up and loud ear piercing barking reached our ears. Before long huge dogs emergered from the cloud of dust “AHHHH AHHHH we are going to die” I shrieked “RUN” my brother said yelling his head off and we ran I was running so fast that everything was a blur and my flip flop fell off. My Dad was  in the back trying to scare them off it didn’t work so he stopped. When we reached the entrance the sound of barking grew faint. I turned around the dogs were gone I retreived my flip flop. The clouds of dust floated back down to the ground, the recent event left no trace on the earth as if it didn’t even happen

Silence as we walked down the path far away from the conch farm. The memory burning in my mind replaying over and over again. Finally I broke the silence “You are not going to pick where we go next” I said and we laughed in the end the event seemed scary at the time but now when I look back it seemed funny!😅


Snatch  yes yes I  got him I thought as I crawled on the soft floor of the bedroom. I was a baby stealing a Teddy bear because I liked him. After that I took a nap cause stealing takes up a lot of energy I fell asleep hugging Teddy and when I woke up he was gone!!! {scary music in the back round} No fair I wanted him so so I crawled to my Mom and I declared “Give me Teddy back I want him “ But it sounded more like this “ Waaa GGBauwdhj  tedjahsuuwk “ Of course my mom couldn’t understand me so I went hysterical. And made a decison to keep him I took him and didn’t let go my Mom let me keep him. Teddy has been with me forever when I was mad and sad on vacations he is family! Right now Teddy says hi.


“ Wake up hurry up we have to go” I was first to wake up {apart from my Mom}. We were sleeping in my dim hotel room ,come on I thought and my Dad actually wakes up at six . I was annoyed because I could barely see, So the sun deceicd  to take a nap I muttered then I realized the sunshine was  behind the curtains . Today was going to be fun I felt it in the air. When we went outside the sun shone golden rays on the birds tweeting around us,the crisp Maine air blowing the salty smell of the ocean it was very chilly. Then we saw it we were running my heart beating fast the wind a blur the sand flying behind our heels then we stop I was first to break the silence “So can we go ?” I panted with a nod from my Mom we we explored , around us was low tide so there was a huge path of sand and rocks leading towards Bar Island. I saw tiny crabs as white as snow peeking from the puddles,wow I thought this is amazing.Snails were everywhere sticking to rocks it was so fun! Climbing,looking,splashing sloshing in the puddles in the chilly Maine air. Then we saw  a group of emerald green trees. When we started hiking golden peeked behind trees soon we reached the top a breathtaking view awaited us “ Wow “ I exclaimed. You could see the whole of Bar Harbor here! Later when we ate lunch, I thought how lucky I was to see  something like that. Now that was an experience I would never forget!